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Single Application To Manage All Roles

SendMe offers a single application solution for managing all business roles. With a single application, all roles can be managed, from users to administrators and outlets to riders

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Are you tired of having a limited budget for advertising, finding difficulty in reaching new customers, or managing delivery logistics?
SendMe is here to help.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Unlock the power of convenience with our cross-platform application, accessible on Android, IOS, and the web.

Scaling Made Easy

Say goodbye to infrastructure headaches with our fully serverless infrastructure, powered by AWS. Scale up or down on demand and never worry about server crashes again.

Personalized Webstores

Create your own webstore with a unique URL, and use the webstore as a QR code for your menu. Stand out from the crowd and make it simple for customers to discover and order from your business.

Powerful Order and Outlet Management

Effortlessly manage your orders and outlets with our user-friendly CMS. Get a clear, real-time overview of your business performance with comprehensive reports for outlets and admin, allowing you to make data-driven decisions for your business growth.

Front-Page Configuration

Create a personalized shopping experience for your customers with our front-page configuration feature on CMS. Customize your webstore according to your business needs, and showcase your products and services most attractively, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

Pickup and Drop Facility

With our convenient pickup-drop facility, sending parcels has never been easier! Customers can now receive their orders with minimal hassle, no matter where they are located, thanks to our easy location-to-location delivery service.

Multiple Tax Handling

Comply with different tax laws and regulations with our multiple tax handling features supporting VAT and GST.

Social Media Post

Elevate your online presence with our powerful CMS, featuring a social media post feature, allowing you to easily promote your business on various platforms, reaching a wider audience and driving more sales for your business.

Manual Orders

Special requests? No problem! Our manual order feature makes it easy for you to place orders on behalf of customers.